WG&S September 2013 - Field Notes from a Drying West

You are not just the member of a politically influential group — Western Growers — but a private citizen with muscle, clout and influence in the political arena in your own right.  There is certainly strength in numbers, but the bread-and-butter of a successful elected representative is his or her connection to constituents.  You’re first on their list and they want to hear what you have to say.

Tom Nassif

As the world changes so have the realities affecting agriculture.  The growing population has increased the demand for food, and for high quality food.  There has also been an increase in the regulations aimed to produce this high demand of food in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.  In order to keep up with the current truths of agriculture, and to obtain a high economic yield, there must be an efficient and responsible use of our natural resources (water and soil) and a sensible use of fertilizer.

Goods and services provided by the many companies that operate within the agricultural sector are a very important part of the specialty crop industry. Though not actually producing the crops, these firms provide the tools necessary to do that job. At Western Growers, these Associate Members collectively are a key component of the organization. They deserve your support!

Western Growers

Down here, at the bottom of the continent’s most spectacular canyon, the Colorado River growls past our sandy beach in a wet monotone.  Our group of 24 is one week into a 225-mile, 18-day voyage on inflatable rafts from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek.  We settle in for the night.  Above us, the canyon walls part like a pair of maloccluded jaws, and moonlight streams between them, bright enough to read by.

Western Growers

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Western Growers members care deeply for the food they grow, the land they sustain, the people they employ, and the community in which they live.