October 2011- 86th Annual Meeting

Tom Nassif

Annual Meeting: Diverse Program Offers

A program with an eclectic mix of speakers and seminars will offer valuable options for virtually every attendee to the 86th Annual Meeting of Western Growers, which will take place Nov. 6-9, 2011 near San Diego, Calif.

September 2011- Buyers Guide

Tom Nassif


August 2011- Ag Legal Network

Tom Nassif

Agriculture is surely the older profession, but lawyers have been around almost as long.

July 2011- WG Membership, Crop Protection

Tom Nassif

Read about the many services and products Western Growers offers in the July issue of WG&S magazine on everything from the information WG provides through the Spotlight e-newsletter to its valuable advocacy efforts.

June 2011- Transportation

Tom Nassif

Transportation, A Difficult Season Lies Ahead

May 2011- Sustainability

Tom Nassif

Sustainability, What Does it Mean to You?

When Western Growers embarked on its three-pronged technology initiatives last year, it always knew that the third head of that beast – sustainability – was going to be difficult to define.

April 2011- Raging Water Issues

Tom Nassif

The Drought, I’ts Over...but Not Officially

March 2011- Technology Partnership

Tom Nassif

Technology: Traceability Adapted for Fresh Produce

February 2011- Innovation At Field Level

Tom Nassif

Mechanical Harvest: Inroads Continue but Challenges Remain

Mechanically harvesting fruits and vegetables remains a dream for most crops but there have been inroads in recent years, and enough progress to keep the promise alive.

January 2011- New Seed Variety Issue

Tom Nassif

Hot Seeds

The following seed varieties were presented by the respective seed company as new varieties that recently were released into commercial production or will soon be.

November 2010- Now What?

Tom Nassif

The November elections were truly historic…just like the national elections two years earlier.

November 2010: Traceability, Food Safety, Sustainability

Tom Nassif

Cost of doing business but ROI is evident