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May 27, 2021
Ag Labor Legislative Update

The California Legislature is currently in peak season as the Assembly and Senate rush to complete c … Read More

May 27, 2021
Santa Clara County Mandates Vaccination Tracking

June 1, 2021 marks the start of Santa Clara County’s new vaccination tracking mandate. A May 18, 2 … Read More

May 27, 2021
Vaccination Tracking Guidelines

Eager for your workers to get vaccinated and return to the workplace? You are not alone. As employer … Read More

May 27, 2021
Welcome to the New Western Growers Legal Insights Newsletter

Western Growers publishes an array of quality content to keep members informed. Whether it’s the t … Read More

May 18, 2021
Court Hears Arguments in Coachella Hero Pay Lawsuit

On May 14, 2021, a federal judge heard arguments in Western Growers’ lawsuit challenging the City … Read More

May 14, 2021
The Supreme Court Can Protect the Rights of California Farmers

By James Burling The United States Supreme Court is about to decide a case that was planted in the f … Read More