February 24, 2017

WGAT Cedar Health and Wellness Center Now in Oxnard

WGAT recently opened its newest Cedar Health and Wellness Center in the Oxnard area at 650 Hobson Way, Suite 207 in Oxnard.

WGAT participants in Oxnard and surrounding communities can use the new Cedar center, which offers expanded hours, same day appointments, bilingual care and exceptional care options with lower copays than standard health plans. The services include immunizations, preventive routine checkups, health screenings, first aid and pediatric care for children two years and older. To make an appointment, please call (805) 240-2213.

WGAT participants in the Oxnard area who are also covered on the Cedar Plan Network, will be receiving an updated Designated Primary Care Provider listing in the mail, which now includes the Oxnard Cedar Center. Cedar plan participants need to be aware that some of the primary care clinics and providers they have been using as a Designated Primary Care Provider might not be included in the updated listing. These providers are still part of the WGAT provider network but they will have a higher copay of $25 instead of the $5 copay. The effective date of the price structure change is May 1, 2017.

WGAT participants can make an appointment at the Oxnard Cedar Center by calling (805) 240-2213. For questions regarding the Cedar Network or Cedar plans, employers may call Western Growers Insurance Services at (800) 333-4WGA.