IRVINE, Calif. (February 7, 2014) -- Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif issued this statement following the signing of the Agriculture Act of 2014 by President Obama today in Michigan:

“On behalf of all the growers and members of Western Growers, I thank the President of the United States for signing into law the new five-year farm bill.  On this occasion, I also want to express my deep thanks to Chairwoman Stabenow, Chairman Lucas, and Ranking Members Cochran and Peterson for the tremendous work they have done to complete this bill.  Their hard work and the countless hours of work done by our industry champions in Congress -- especially our friends on the two Agriculture Committees -- has resulted in a good piece of legislation that will serve our industry well. 

No bill, of course is perfect, but the hard work, fortitude and spirit of cooperation exhibited by all involved is a great example of what bipartisanship can accomplish.  President Reagan used to talk about a shining city upon a hill and in a small way the farm bill serves as an important example of how legislation should and must be done in order to benefit us all.  This farm bill is a product of tough negotiation, but it is also an example of what needs to be done more often in Congress -- all parties must work together and compromise for the greater good.  I hope members of Congress point to the shining example of the farm bill as our nation grapples with other critical issues facing our industry, like immigration and the devastating drought we now face in California; all members of Congress need to focus on the greater good as they work cooperatively through problems.”


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