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Karen Timmins, vice president human resources is pleased to announce a new member to the Western Growers, 2014 Professional Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee.  Jon Alexander, general counsel for Western Growers Assurance Trust, joins Jorge Suarez, director strategic planning & human resources at Ocean Mist Farms and Terre Catanzaro, chief administrative officer at JV Smith & Companies, in their on-going, dedicated commitment to providing empirical pay and benefits information to the California and Arizona employers in the produce industry

Karen Timmins

With Christmas only a week away, it is never too late to think about the best way to ensure a safe and happy holiday season.  We all get involved with charity activities, church events, holiday parties and family get-togethers. These events have many common factors -- lots of people, food, and sometimes alcoholic beverages. 

Greg Nelson

The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) announced today that it is recommending an overall 9.6% rate increase for workers compensation rates in California for the 2014 year.  The WCIRB is a neutral governmental entity that reviews loss information from all of the workers’ compensation companies in California and then recommends the rates for workers’ compensation insurance to the state insurance commissioner. 


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