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According to a study released by NASA and University of Irvine, California, the Colorado River Basin, the basin that contains the Southwest’s only major river and water source, has lost almost 53 million acre feet of water from December 2004 until November 2013.  The amount represents a volume that is nearly double that of Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir.  The most troubling aspect of the report is that the majority of the water loss --75% of the 53 million acre feet -- is from underground sources. 

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In early May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its operational strategy for the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). As the FDA continues to refine its rulemaking and guidance documents, the operational strategy will provide the framework to fulfill the vision of FSMA by initiating new public health protection standards across the entire food safety program, including produce safety standards; food and feed preventive controls; and a new import system. This webinar will provide an opportunity to ask any questions related to the FDA's implementation plan for FSMA and more specifically to learn about FDA’s current thinking on the produce rule.

Following the lead of counterparts in Florida and Texas, a program outlining citrus psyllid treatment strategies has been developed for citrus growers in California’s Central Valley. According to The Grower, three meetings scheduled for next week will give producers the opportunity to learn more about combatting the dreaded Asian citrus psyllid and the deadly greening disease it carries.

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The battle against the Asian citrus psyllid has taken place primarily in California backyards – until recently. A rise in commercial citrus psyllid detections means that all industry members play an increasingly crucial role in preventing the spread of an insect that carries the devastating Huanglongbing disease. Farm labor contractors, crew bosses, harvesters and other field workers can take several precautions to ensure the psyllid doesn’t spread from one citrus grove to another.

Ken Gilliland


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