By Scott Nichols, Western Growers Coordinator of Science & Technology

The commencement of a fresh decade brought with it an unprecedented array of adversity containing a fury of events from Mother Nature herself. The world spent a majority of 2020 operating under the umbrella of a novel virus that upturned normality as we knew it. Despite the numerous effects stemming from these events, Western Growers and the agriculture industry continued to advance food safety practices, research studies, data projects, and technologies.

By Jeff Gullickson, President, Western Growers Insurance Services

Over the past five years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working with a number of our members. As president of Western Growers Insurance Services, I’ve also been able to fully immerse myself in the capabilities of our association and its resources.

Kristen Smith Eshaya (Communications Director & Risk Management Specialist, JV Smith Companies) has worked for JV Smith Companies in Yuma, AZ, as Communications Director and Risk Management Specialist since October 2017. She has optimized insurance programs for the entire JV Smith Family of companies spanning four states and two countries. Kristen has facilitated leadership development training and maintained open lines of communication between each company utilizing various techniques including intensive training from The Arbinger Institute.

Stephanie Metzinger