By Walt Duflock, Vice President of Innovation

The 2022 Automated Technology Field Day was held in June at the Hartnell East Campus in Salinas, Calif. There was a great crowd with over 150 attendees and a great mix of growers, startups, and equipment dealers were in the audience. It was probably the largest agtech field demo day for startups since the Forbes AgTech demo day in 2019.

By Ann Donahue

Needless to say, the world has changed quite a bit since the Farm Credit System was established in 1916 with a mandate from the U.S. Congress to serve agriculture and rural communities with consistent and reliable credit. Sure, it was after the Industrial Revolution, so mechanization existed—but computers? Robots? Biologics? To someone of that era, it would all seem like science fiction.

AGNote: Field splitting is a useful feature for vegetable growers. Since AgNote joined Western Growers in early 2022, it has had an opportunity to learn more about farm management software requirements for vegetable growers. One of the company’s learnings is it has discovered that vegetable growers often plant multiple crops and varieties in the same field. Recently, AgNote added a Produce Crop management area in the AgNote offering so that farmers can easily add multiple crops or varieties in one field.

Tim Linden