Trade Promotion Authority is a tool that Congress gives to the Executive Branch that allows U.S. negotiators to reach the best deal possible with foreign markets. Learn more about details related to the TPA process.

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International Trade Information

International Trade Information

Each Country establishes its own phytosanitary requirements. WG can assist members in determining these country specific requirements. Simply complete the following request and submit.

Western Growers staff can research your commodity and country specific request and provide you with the current phytosanitary requirements.

Foreign countries set their own pesticide MRLs, many times below those of the United States. Therefore, it is imperative that prior to exporting shippers confirm the acceptable level of the foreign country.

WG can assist you in determining MRLs or you can search the MRL Database. This database contains maximum acceptable levels of pesticides agricultural products in the United States, as well as 70 other countries, the European Union and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Included are more than 300 fruit, vegetable and nut commodities, as well as more than 270 pesticides approved for use on those commodities by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

WG regularly receives notifications through the USDA when countries are proposing new or amending current MRLs. WG reviews any notification to determine if the proposed change will reduce the MRL to an unreasonable low threshold, or establish an MRL below that of the United States, which could result in a potential violation for an exporter failing to meet the new standard.

In the event an MRL violation should occur, WG will assist the member in responding to the foreign country and help to develop a Compliance Plan.

To request information on a particular MRL complete the following and submit

Many countries maintain a wide range of bound or applied tariffs on specific commodities. You can either log on or register to the World Trade Organization Tariff Database to do your own search or complete the following and submit and WG will send you the requested tariff information.

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To access the data base and perform your own search please use the Global MRL Database.