Arbinger: Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset
(WG members only; English only; 12 hours)

Organizations continue to combat problems driven by blame, lack of accountability, compacency and motivation. They spend valuable time trying to find solutions for matters that come from a common source: people and their self-deception. Arbinger's philosophy helps organizations get to the root of self-deception, or "the problem of not knowing one has a problem." 

Building Trust
(English and Spanish; 2 hours)

In business as in personal life, all successful relationships run on trust. Yet we often get trust wrong, giving it either too readily or too stingily. Learn how character and competence weigh into trust and how successful we are as leaders.

Change Management: Transitions
(English and Spanish; 1.5 hours)

People are often uncomfortable with change. Learn the difference between change (what happens to people) and transition (what happens in people's minds during change), how to manage change effectively and how to help people get through transition.

Being Responsible for Your Results
(English and Spanish; 1.75 hours)

Become more proactive your daily work, understand responsibility for choices and how behavior is a function of choice, not conditions and learn how to choose your response to external events. 

Western Growers University Training

Western Growers University Training

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