The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) of 1930 sets the rules for selling frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables across state lines, including fair trade practices. The act has been around awhile, but understanding the rules is still crucial to the success of your business. This training session helps you do just that.

What we cover:

  • PACA background, including the role of dispute resolution
  • Understanding USDA inspection, timeliness, terms, quality, location
  • Accounts Receivable protocols
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Credit trends
  • Documentation and complaint reports
  • Good Delivery calculation
  • Interpreting inspections
  • Understanding contract terms
  • Credit terms, trust rights, disputes on payment, including unauthorized deductions
  • Analysis of customers and credit worthiness
  • What to do with rejection

Western Growers University Training

Western Growers University Training

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