CPR and First Aid Training
Meet required regulatory standards and become certified by the American Red Cross with this hands-on training.

Heat Stress Training
All employers are required to adhere to heat stress requirements including education of employees and supervisors. Comply with state-required heat stress regulations with this bilingual training.

Forklift and Equipment Training
Learn to operate equipment safely and obtain your forklift certification with this hands-on instruction. 

Worker Protection Standards
Increase worker productivity and reduce medical expenses by preventing pesticide exposure and its effects on agricultural workers with this training. 

Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures
Protect employees from dangerous situations and meet state requirements with this training focused on securing equipment for maintenance and repair.

Pesticide Application
Certain pesticides may be applied only by or under direct supervision of trained and certified applicators. We’ll help you review your program and ensure you’re in compliance with state regulations. 

Personal Protection Equipment Training
Employers are required to provide employees with personal protective equipment and training about how to use it. Minimize work hazards and meet state regulations with this training.

Defensive Driving Training
Keep your employees safe and minimize accidents and liabilities by providing vehicle safety training.

Fire and Slip/Fall Prevention
Reduce costly slip and fall accidents with proactive training on maintenance, housekeeping and equipment procedures.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Does your business use hazardous materials? We can work with you to compile records on usage and required documentation. 

On-site inspections
Our certified safety experts will conduct an on-site tour of your facilities to identify potential liability and property hazards and any potential OSHA issues.

Injury Illness Protection Program 
Don’t be caught without one – we’ll help you develop this state-required program and documentation for your business so you can ensure compliance with OSHA.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management and Analysis
Reduce accidents and minimize the impact on your workers’ compensation costs with a review of your injuries and accidents. We’ll help you identify and fight any fraudulent claims and implement a proactive claims management program designed to reduce your workers’ comp premiums.

Emergency and Catastrophe Planning
Ensure your business is prepared – we’ll work with you to develop an appropriate emergency and disaster plan.

OSHA Compliance Consultation
Our certified safety experts understand the regulations that affect your business. We’ll work with you to resolve any OSHA violations and help you prevent them in the future.

Western Growers University Training

Western Growers University Training

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