Judge Oliver Wanger

Judge Oliver Wanger
Former United States District Judge

Oliver W. Wanger is a member of Wanger Jones Helsley PC in Fresno, California, and is a former United States District judge. As a trial lawyer, Judge Wanger practices in water and environmental litigation, among a host of other issues for his firm.

Judge Wanger served with distinction for 20 years on the U.S. District Court for Eastern California in Fresno, having ruled on several important California water and environmental cases, many that have been reviewed in the Court of Appeals and one in the United States Supreme Court. His rulings on water issues and Endangered Species Act cases have largely been bemoaned by the environmental community.

A former Marine sergeant, Judge Wanger began his career as a Deputy District Attorney for Fresno County following. Prior to sitting on the federal bench, Judge Wanger served on the Superior Court of California and the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. He has deep ties to the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno.

Judge Wanger attended the Colorado School of Mines, graduated from the University of Southern California and holds a law degree from the University of California.