Date: Feb 21, 2012

IRVINE, Calif. (Feb. 21, 2012)—The newly announced March 15 start date for the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement will lift tariffs on nearly two-thirds of U.S. exports of agricultural products to Korea, including fresh produce commodities such as cherries, pistachios, almonds, eggplant, celery, cucumbers, spinach and wine. Western Growers president and CEO Tom Nassif said:

“In some cases, our members were facing tariffs upwards of 30 percent on a number of commodities we grow and ship to South Korea. The U.S.-Korea free trade agreement represents a welcome opportunity for members of the specialty crop industry in California and Arizona. Western Growers congratulates U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk on this positive step forward for U.S. agricultural exports.”

Also when the trade agreement takes effect, nearly 80 percent of U.S. exports of industrial products to Korea will become duty-free, including agricultural equipment. The agreement includes a number of significant commitments related to non-tariff measures that will also come into force on March 15, including obligations related to environmental standards, enhanced regulatory transparency and standard setting.

About Western Growers:

Since 1926, we have represented local, regional family farmers growing traditional and organic fresh produce in Arizona and California. Our members produce half the nation’s fresh fruits and vegetables including a third of America’s fresh organic produce. For generations we have provided variety and healthy choices as the first line of defense against obesity and disease. You could say we grow the best medicine in the world.

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