Date: Jul 05, 2016

Due to the large number of inquiries and requests concerning my last blog, see Why a Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale Is Crucial, I am following up with a sample Confirmation of Sale which you as shippers can utilize to modify or prepare your own Shipper's Confirmation.

There are a few points I would like to clear up first:

  • The Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale is not a passing.  It is sent out before the product is shipped, confirming the terms of sale, before the passing is issued.
  • This Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale is not a substitute for an Export Shipper's Confirmation of Sale.
  • A Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale is used when you are using terms not normally used in your everyday sales contracts, such as using the term F.O.B. Acceptance Final or other terms not normally used in your everyday sales contracts. 

The key to negotiating a valid a binding contract is to first verbally provide a detailed summary of all the terms of sale to your buyer. Once you and your buyer have agreed on the special terms, it is imperative that you memorialize those terms in a Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale. Once the Confirmation of Sale is received by your buyer without objection, you will now have a firm contract.

 Please feel free to utilize the Shipper’s Confirmation of Sale when modifying your own. I encourage you to please contact me with any questions you might have concerning this issue. If you have any other issue regarding sales terms, please contact me directly at 949-885-2269 or

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