Date: Jul 10, 2013

Frozen loads (partial or full) can potentially be one of the most perplexing issues to resolve at time of arrival.  Claims are never fun, but as the seller, it is critical that, regardless of contract terms, you fully engage and document all the facts about the extent of the freezing, have a clear action plan, communicate your desired outcome and always, always make certain that the produce is properly disposed of in order to mitigate damages to all parties. Keep your conversations with your customer fact based.  View these Claim Protocols and a Checklist for recommendations on how to protect your contract interests, while assessing the responsibility for what, or who contributed to the frozen load.

When it comes to these frozen loads, there is never normally a black and white scenario.  That’s why we encourage you to call our office to make sure you fully protect your company contract rights until you are at a point, with all the facts, to make the business decision as to how to proceed.  I hope this stimulates some thoughts, but please call to talk with me about further clarifications on specific examples of your past troubled loads and how Western Growers can help protect your rights.

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