Brian Bertelsen
Cove Ranch Management, President

Phil Bertelsen founded Cove Ranch Management in 1977 and his son, Brian, acquired it in 1997. The company has expanded its operations to include citrus, almonds, pistachios, plums, pluots and grapes. Additionally, Brian formed Primavera Ag Services in 1988, which provides farm labor services to growers in the San Joaquin Valley. Brian still enjoys brokering the occasional farm real estate transaction for select clients.

Brian Bertelsen earned a bachelor’s degree from University of California at Davis. He then worked for the Farm Credit System and enjoyed a career in farm real estate brokerage prior to farming full time and joining the family business, Cove Ranch Management. Brian is a former partner and chairman of Sunny Cove Citrus.

Brian was first elected to the board in 2003.