Fred LoBue, Jr.
LoBue Farms, Inc., Chairman of the Board

Fred LoBue grew up in the family citrus business started by his grandfather, Philip LoBue, in 1934. After graduating from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, he started as a manager in the packinghouse. In 1996 Fred was named president of LoBue Bros., Inc. The firm’s commodities include oranges and other citrus specialties.

In 2017, after more than 80 years as an independent citrus packer and marketer, the LoBue family merged these operations into a Sunkist packer/shipper, with LoBue Farms, Inc. continuing its citrus growing and farm management business.

Since 1983 Fred has served as president of Harvest Container Co, a container manufacturing operation. He has also been involved in numerous industry organizations over his 50 plus year career, including chairmanships of Citrus Avocado Pension Trust, California Citrus Mutual, California-Arizona Citrus League, Agricultural Producers (merged into WGA in 2000), and many more ad-hoc industry committees.

Fred is a founding director of a community bank and is active in many civic and church organizations. He was elected to the Western Growers Board in 2000.