Jeff Janas
Western Growers, Manager, Communications

Jeff began his career in Ohio working as a political appointee in the Administration of Governor George V. Voinovich in 1991.  He served as a Public Information Officer/Special Assistant to the Director at the Ohio Department of Insurance where he was responsible for managing all legislative correspondence.  

After serving nearly five years in the Voinovich administration, Jeff moved to Washington D.C. in 1996 to work for Congressman Bob Ney (OH-18).  As an aide to the Congressman, Jeff was responsible for handling over 20 issue areas, including the Congressman’s work on the Veterans Affairs and Transportation Committees, having risen in the ranks form Legislative Correspondent to Sr. Legislative Assistant.

When Congressman Bob Ney took over the Chairmanship of the House Administration Committee in 2001, he asked Jeff to serve as liaison from the House Administration Committee to all the other committees in the U.S. House of Representatives. As Director of Committee Operations, Jeff worked closely with each committee to keep them advised of internal House operations. He was also responsible for managing the $270 million committee funding process and for planning and overseeing the New Member Orientation (NMO) program. 

After Republicans lost control of the House in 2006, Jeff migrated to Arizona where he worked as a Senior Account Executive for Denise Resnik & Associates. There he developed and executed communications plans for two clients, DMB & Associates and the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort, among others. Following his time at Denise Resnik & Associates, Jeff worked privately as a political/policy consultant for the city of Mesa and Falcon Field Airport both in Arizona and also spent time in California and New York City on other projects. In 2011, Jeff returned to Arizona to work for the Arizona Charter Schools Association as Vice President and Public Affairs and Communications.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.   

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