Robert Medler
Western Growers, Manager, AZ Government Affairs

Joining the Western Gowers Association in January 2021, Robert Medler is the Manager of Government Affairs for Arizona. Medler represent the most influential specialty crop producers in the fresh produce industry in the Arizona State Capitol. Medler represents Western Growers in all Arizona legislative and regulatory matters as well as monitor, analyze and report on policy recommendations for positions. Additionally, as part of his role, Medler develops, drafts and tactically implements policy strategies and legislation affecting agriculture, specifically relating to the fresh fruit, vegetable and nut sectors in Arizona.

Medler serves as Past Chair of the U.S. Chamber’s Board of Regents and the Curriculum Committee for the Institute for Organization Management. Medler also serves as past-president and treasurer of the 162nd Air Guardians, as well as Vice President and Treasurer of the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance.

Prior to joining Western Growers, Medler was with the Tucson Metro Chamber for nearly 14 years, and served as the founding Executive Director for the Southern Arizona Chamber of Commerce Association.

Medler is a graduate of Gonzaga University and the University of Arizona. He and his family reside in Marana, Arizona.

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Dec 23, 2021

Yesterday, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission unanimously approved a final map for Arizona’s nine Congressional districts and approved a map for the 30 Legislative districts with a 3-2 vote. The maps will be in effect through the 2030 election cycle.