Ronald Ratto
Ratto Bros., Inc., President


Ratto Bros. is a family-owned business that was founded in 1905 by Ron’s grandfather, Antone L. Ratto. His five sons followed in his footsteps, and at present, Ron along with three other grandsons, are operating the company, with two of their sons learning the ropes. Ron is a fifth-generation California farmer. The company farms about 1,000 acres in Modesto, California, planting 40 or more varieties of leafy greens and truck garden vegetables. It conducts its own operations in growing, harvesting, packing, cooling, sales and shipping.

Ron earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1973 from the College of Agriculture, University of California at Berkeley. He is a past chair of the California Leafy Greens Products Handler Marketing Agreement.

Ron was first elected to the board in 2013, and served as Chairman in 2019. He currently serves on the Western Growers Executive Committee.