Thomas Mulholland
Mulholland Citrus, CEO

Mullholland Citrus was founded by Tom’s father, Richard in Orange Cove, California in 1955. As part of the third generation of Mulholland’s in agriculture, Tom’s current interest in farming came from being involved on his father’s citrus ranch, though it was not his intention to pursue a career in the family business. Following his graduation from Sonoma State where he earned a degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning, Tom traveled the world.

After his return to the farm, he began germinating citrus seed, a practice taught by his father. Forty years later, Tom continues down this path, annually germinating seed, producing citrus nursery stock and developing new orchards. Over the years, Tom moved from field propagation to greenhouse propagation, developed new citrus varieties, created an alternative to pesticides with a rearing insectary, installed new irrigation techniques and orchard profiles and helped innovate new packing machinery, as well as new retail marketing schemes.

His involvement with Sunkist, California Citrus Mutual, Citrus Research Board and California Ag Leadership Program, along with participating in the International Citrus Nursery Society and the International Citrus Congress, allowed him to participate in, oversee and implement these changes.

Tom was elected to the board in 2016.