Webinar: Joint Employer Liability - Times Are Changing

Western Growers and the Law Offices of Scott A. Wilson presented "Joint Employer Liability - Times Are Changing."

Historically, growers of agricultural commodities have used labor contractors to provide employees for farming and harvesting.  It has always been assumed that the workers supplied by the labor contractor were those of the contractor, not the grower.  Contractors are hired by growers so that the contractor will assume all employer responsibility as well as liability.  Unfortunately, as a result of recent litigation and court decisions, the line between growers and labor contractors has become blurred.
An example of this is a California federal court ruling in Arredondo v. Delano Farms where a “joint employer” relationship was found to exist between the grower and the labor contractor and the grower arguably being liable for wage and hour claims made by the contractor’s employees.

The webinar addressed:
•    Current status of litigation involving the “joint employer” issue addressed in the Delano Farms case
•    An analysis of various statutes, both state and federal, where this concept would be applied
•    Practical tips in grower contractor relationships to avoid joint employer liability
•    Judicial trends addressing agricultural joint employer relationships

Speaker:  Scott A. Wilson, Esq.  
Moderator: Jason Resnick, Esq., Vice President and General Counsel, Western Growers