Webinar: Lunch and Learn - Food Safety Research Highlights

A few days ago, the 4th annual produce research symposium was held by the Center of Produce Safety (CPS) in Rochester, New York. The event brought together scientists, industry and government. CPS work has been very valuable to the produce community and government. If you were not able to attend this Symposium, you would not want to miss this webinar.
Join us for an overview of this year's Symposium and key learnings as well as information on future events.


Ms. Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, Executive Director of CPS joined the Center in 2008. She is responsible for leveraging public and private expertise and research funding to address critical risk management issues in the growth, harvest, processing and distribution of fresh produce.  Ms. Fernandez-Fenaroli's goal is to focus CPS on critical food safety issues affecting the fresh produce industry and to establish collaborations among public agencies and private industry to maximize the impact of research budgets.
Dr. Robert Whitaker, Chief Science & Technology Officer of Produce Marketing Association (PMA) is responsible for PMA's efforts in food safety and technology across the produce supply chain. In 2006, he was awarded IFPA's Technical Achievement Award for his work in food safety and product development. Dr. Whitaker has worked on a number of industry and government food safety initiatives including the development of commodity specific guidelines. In 2007 he joined the Executive Advisory Board of CPS and since 2008 he has taken on the role of Chairman for the CPS Research and Technology Council.