Date: Mar 16, 2010

Dept. of Interior Bumps Up CVP Water Allocations to 25 Percent For South Of The Delta Farmers

IRVINE (March 16, 2010) - Dept. of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced there will be more water allocated to project users north and south of the Delta due to additional precipitation and snowpack levels this year. Agriculture water service contractors south of the Delta will now receive 25 percent (up from 5 percent announced last month) of contract water. In response to this announcement, Western Growers president and CEO Tom Nassif issued the following statement:

“This is welcome news for growers, although we hope that amount can increase in the near future. Precipitation and significant snowpack levels warrant further increases in allocation levels and we are happy Secretary Ken Salazar is watching our situation closely and acknowledges our need for a certain and reliable water supply. We also know that without the attention and support from our elected representatives like Congressmen Jim Costa, Dennis Cardoza, Senator Dianne Feinstein and the members of the agriculture community, we may not be receiving these beneficial supplies in time to plan and secure financing for the next growing season.”

Western Growers is an 85-year-old agricultural trade association whose members from Arizona and California grow, pack and ship about half of the nation’s fresh produce.

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