On July 17, 2017, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Employers may now use the new form or continue using the prior Form I-9 with a revision date of 11/14/16 N through September 17, 2017. However, the new form with a revision date of 07/17/17 N must be used on and after September 18, 2017. Employers are encouraged to start using the new form right away to avoid potential non-compliance after the September 17 deadline.

Jeff Janas

This week, after receiving the bill from the California Assembly, the Senate Industrial Relations and Labor Committee advanced AB 450, legislation that puts private employers in a no-win situation between federal immigration enforcement and state enforcement by punishing employers who voluntarily comply with federal authorities. As has been previously communicated, Western Growers is part of a large coalition opposed to the bill. The bill will be considered next in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jeff Janas

Yesterday, the Agricultural Worker Program Act of 2017 was introduced in the U.S. Senate. The bill, which incorporates elements of the “blue card” provisions contained in the failed 2013 Senate immigration bill, would allow undocumented farmworkers who have worked in agriculture for at least 100 days in the previous two years to earn blue card status.

A blue card would also make them eligible for green card status after three to five years, the time frame depending on the amount of hours they worked.

Jeff Janas

As we reported here in anticipation of the February 16 “Day Without Immigrants,” employers need to prepare for another potential walkout on May 1, 2017. 

Unions and worker advocates, including The Food Chain Workers Alliance, have announced that thousands of workers across the food system—from farm workers to restaurant workers—will be striking on May 1.

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Immigration has been a critical issue for Western Growers members. For years, we have fought for a legal and stable workforce that not only supports our industry but ensures those who have worked along side our members are treated with decency and respect.

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