Notice: Consumer Rights Request


Consumer Rights Requests 


California law provides in state consumers, including job applicants/candidates and employes (current and former), the following nonwaivable rights regarding their personal information: 

  • A right to know what personal information, if any, a business collects, sells, shares, or discloses, about them, including the specific pieces of personal information held. 
  • A right to request the business correct inaccurate personal information. 
  • A right to request the business delete their personal information unless a statutory exception allowing its retention applies. 
  • A right to limit a business’s use and disclosure of their sensitive personal information to specifically permitted purposes. 
  • A right to restrict or Opt-Out of the sale, if any, of their personal information to third parties and prevent the business from sharing their personal information with third parties for cross-context behavioral advertising purposes. 

If you are looking for information about how we collect and use personal information, including sensitive personal information, please review our Notice at Collection.  

If you would like to view our privacy policy or information about how we collect personal information from visitors to our website (including applicants/candidates/employees) or users of our products and services, please review our Western Growers Privacy Policy. 

To initiate a Request for Consumer Information, please contact us using one of the following methods: