Today, the House Judiciary Committee began a mark-up of H.R. 4092 “The AG Act” (Rep. Bob Goodlatte). This is the first step in the legislative process as the House begins consideration of immigration legislation. The mark-up of the AG Act has recessed for today and will continue tomorrow with consideration of the Legal Workforce Act (Rep. Lamar Smith) to follow. 

A Texas federal judge has issued a final ruling striking down the Obama administration’s overtime rule, invalidating the rule on the grounds that it went too far, essentially making all employees who perform exempt duties, but who make less than the high salary threshold “non-exempt.” The judge did note that the Department of Labor (DOL) is not prevented from using a particular salary level, though the DOL lacked authority under the Fair Labor Standards Act to use a salary threshold alone to determine whether an employee qualified for the “white collar” exemptions.


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