Date: Mar 05, 2013

Western Growers would like to remind shippers and carriers involved in transporting refrigerated commodities from, to, or through California of the need to ensure that the reefer is in compliance with the ARB regulations.  As the ARB is now focusing on Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) compliance, shippers need to review their shipping procedures to ensure they are documenting due diligence and demonstrating compliance with the regulations.

Western Growers strongly recommends that all bills of lading contain the following statement, adjacent to where the driver signs:


Carrier or its agent certifies that the TRU equipment furnished for loading this Shipment is in compliance with California Regulations


Should a carrier be found to be in violation of the ARB regulations, a shipper may be asked to provide evidence of due diligence.  The TRU statement on the bill of lading will provide such evidence to the ARB and hopefully avoid any possible shipper penalty.

Additionally, as a shipper you can request that the carrier provide you with other certification, and if based outside of California, encourage the carrier to register on the ARB’s ARBER System.

Here are examples of a bill of lading with the sample TRU wording and the most recent release by the ARB on shipper/carrier responsibilities.

For additional information contact either Ken Gilliland, at (949) 885-2267 or Tom Oliveri at (949) 885-2269.

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Ken Gilliland
Director, International Trade & Transportation

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