Date: Jun 27, 2013
Employees need to be in compliance with heat illness regulations.

Cal/OSHA issued a statement this week reminding all employers with outdoor workers to protect their workers as temperatures are expected to reach record levels, rising to the triple digits in both Northern and Southern California over the next six days. 

“With temperatures expected to be from 10-20 degrees above average across the entire state through July 2nd, workers and employers alike are reminded to take extra precautions.  Rest, water and shade are absolutely essential in high heat conditions,” said Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).  Cal/OSHA is a division of DIR.

“Cal/OSHA will be out in force throughout the state, reviewing outdoor worksites to ensure that employers are following heat illness prevention regulations,” said Cal/OSHA Chief Ellen Widess.  “Employers should be especially aware of the need for workers to be acclimatized to the very high heat conditions.”

California's heat illness regulations require all employers with outdoor workers take basic steps to protect their workers, including providing training, plenty of fresh, adequate rest periods, access to shade and an emergency heat illness prevention plan for the worksite.

In high heat situations (when temperatures reach 95 degrees), workers are at greater risk and supervisors must take extra precautions: including observing workers for symptoms of heat illness, reminding workers to drink water frequently, and have an effective communication systems in place to be able to summon emergency assistance if necessary.

You can visit Cal/OSHA’s Heat Illness web page for online information on the heat illness prevention requirements, training materials in multiple languages, and bilingual training sessions for employers and workers. 

Western Growers staff is also available to offer information and training when necessary.


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