Date: Jul 11, 2013

Western Growers is pleased to announce the release of its 2013 Professional Compensation & HR Practices Survey Report for the fresh produce industry!  Confidential salary and benefits data was collected for 46 professional positions in the produce industry.  Per member requests, seven new jobs were added for this year’s survey, and the Compensation and HR Practices surveys were separated to allow participation in one or both.

While Western Growers had very good participation this year, each year the association is hoping that more and more members will find the information valuable and will participate themselves. Please consider participating in the 2014 survey

“Knowledge is power and the entire industry wins when we all participate,” said Western Growers President and CEO, Tom Nassif.  “I believe that each of us, as responsible parties for pay and benefits decisions within our respective organizations, will find this empirical data, designed specifically for our industry, highly useful.  It is only with continued survey participation from all Western Growers’ members, that we can capitalize on an invaluable opportunity to use the power of this information to improve and grow our industry.” 

The data collected and reported includes: health plan coverage and premiums; performance plans; merit increase budgets; paid time off programs; retirement plans; and austerity measures

Members may purchase the Compensation Survey for $1500, the HR Practices Survey for $500, or both for $1800.  Of course, participants received the surveys free of charge.  You can also sign up to participate in the 2014 Compensation & HR Practices Survey today. 


WG Staff Contact

Karen Timmins
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

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