Date: Dec 19, 2013
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In a statement today from Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, the FDA announced that the agency plans to revise key provisions of the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act rules affecting farmers and then seek further comment from the public on the proposed revisions.  Taylor, recognizing that revisions would be significant, suggested the additional step of seeking additional input would be critical to getting things right.

While FDA is pouring through all comments and may propose other revisions they are currently focused on revising provisions for water quality standards and testing, standards for using raw manure and compost, certain provisions affecting mixed use facilities and procedures for withdrawing qualified exemptions.  WG’s Hank Giclas agrees that these are areas within the proposed rules that need additional work and said that Taylor and his team are to be commended for their ongoing commitment to transparency and their efforts to engage the industry and others to craft rules that work across the diversity of fruit and vegetable operations. 

FDA targets the publication of proposed revisions by early summer 2014.


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Hank Giclas
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Planning, Science & Technology

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