Date: Aug 28, 2014

When Western Growers and C.H. Robinson established the WG/CHRW Transportation Program in 2006, a key feature of the program was how potential loss and damage claims would be handled.  The program specifies that C.H. Robinson assumes liability for proven logistics related to loss and damage on all shipments transported with its carriers -- meaning that shippers file and resolve claims with CHR instead of the underlying carrier.  Upon proof of carrier liability C.H. Robinson settles with the shipper immediately and deals with the carrier after the fact. This feature has provided shippers with timely and efficient resolution of claims.

 In order to keep the claims procedure relevant, an updated version has recently been developed along with a new complaint form.  It provides the documentation and communication protocol to follow when an arrival problem is identified.  While it specifically refers to claims involving the Western Growers Transportation Program and C.H. Robinson, we recommend that you use it as a best practice to protect your rights with any transportation provider and encourage you to make it part of your normal business process. 

Please contact Ken Gilliland at 949.885.2267 if you have any questions about the revised claim procedure or the benefits and operation of the Western Growers/C.H. Robinson Transportation Program.

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Ken Gilliland
Director, International Trade & Transportation

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