Date: Sep 09, 2014
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Effective this month, Western Growers Insurance Services (WGIS) is revising the fees it charges for all of its safety and loss control activities.  Changes have not been made to the fee structure for over three years; however, fees for some courses will actually be reduced.  A number of issues have changed in the industry that made it necessary to revise fees in order to keep pace with the industry.

The most significant changes concern the extremely popular First Aid and CPR training classes.  In the past, these classes could be taken separately or combined.  The combined class took almost a full day to complete.  However, the American Red Cross recently reduced the total class time to about 2 hours allowing WG to reduce the cost of the training for this class.  For members and workers’ compensation policyholders, the rate is now $50 per person.  This covers the trainer’s fee, the materials and the certificate charge from the Red Cross for issuing the First Aid certification cards. 

For WG members who are not policyholders, the charges will be slightly higher.  Non-members pay a higher rate for the training.  There is a minimum charge of $500 for any First Aid/CPR training session if the number of attendees fails to meet the minimum requirements.

All other safety training classes are available at a rate of $175 per hour or more depending on whether the company is a member of Western Growers and if the company has a workers’ compensation policy with WGIS.  This rate applies to all other types of training or inspections.  Some training, like heat stress, can be done in a one-hour session; others, such as forklift or tractor safety may require several hours to complete.


If you would like to schedule training for your company, please contact Greg Nelson, AVP of Commercial Lines for more information.

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