Date: Apr 20, 2017

Despite staunch opposition from the agricultural community, the California Senate confirmed former Senator Isadore Hall to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) today on a 25-13 vote.

Since his initial appointment by Governor Jerry Brown in January, Western Growers has expressed dismay with the decision. The process for appointing Hall was flawed, as the governor did not consult with the ag industry before this crucial appointment. Additionally, Hall’s dedicated support for the United Farm Workers is a potential conflict of interest.

“Isadore Hall is a classic case of someone who is completely unqualified, ill-suited and ethically challenged getting rubber-stamped rather than vetted,” said Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford after the vote, as reported in the Sacramento Bee.

To learn more about this issue, click through to read the op-ed authored by Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif, California Fresh Fruit Association President George Radanovich and California Citrus Mutual President Joel Nelsen criticizing the Brown administration for its appointment of Hall; the letter sent to the governor stressing the importance of consulting with the ag industry; and the testimony Western Growers cited on behalf of WG members.

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Jeff Janas
Manager, Communications

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