Did you miss the Western Growers’ Annual Meeting last month?  If you did attend, are you looking for the information you saw during an Annual Meeting workshop? Maybe you’re getting ready for your company’s 2015 Wellness Program and would like to see the recommendations suggested by WebMD and Anthem/Blue Cross experts during their workshop.  Or maybe you’re working on your compensation program and want to use Western Growers’ and Google’s approaches as a guide. Need a refresher on what was said during our Water and Cash Workshop?  It’s there for the taking.

Japan has specific labeling requirements for products -- including fresh produce commodities -- that have been treated with post-harvest fungicides.  Japanese regulations require the name of the post-harvest fungicide to be identified at the point of sale (These regulations only apply to post-harvest treatment and not when a fungicide is applied prior to harvest).  Reports have indicated that these requirements have had a negative impact on U.S. fresh produce sales in Japan.


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