Date: Sep 15, 2020

The September/October 2020 Western Grower & Shipper Magazine is now available to view online. This edition explores the business side of agriculture by showcasing farmers’ ability to diversify and innovate, making them the ultimate business mavens. This edition also contains Western Growers’ Ag Legal Network Directory. Click here to access the electronic version of the magazine.

Evolving Beyond Horse and Buggy, Farmers Looked to as Business Mavens

For generations, growers across the United States have masterfully responded to the ebb and flow of massive global transitions to continue to provide food for the world, carry on their farm legacies and contribute to the nation’s economic success.

Ag Legal Issues in the Time of Covid

While many of the trends regarding legal issues in the agricultural space do not appear to have changed significantly in the past year, the coronavirus, and the pandemic it has unleashed, is certainly top of mind and has greatly impacted the legal process.

Serving the People is the Best Job Senator Gowan Has Ever Had

Senator David Gowan spent the first eight years of his political career in the Arizona House of Representatives fighting for the families and businesses of Southern Arizona. He now serves as Arizona’s 14th Senate District Senator.

WGIS Evolves to Create Leading, Customized Insurance Solutions for Ag

Change. It requires confidence. It requires trust and most importantly, a solid plan of action that propels you forward. We know this because we have changed. Western Growers Insurance Services has evolved into an organization of insurance experts that recognize the need for change.

Pacific Ag Rental Continues to Evolve

New technology in the ag equipment space is at the forefront of Pacific Ag Rental’s current thinking. The company is a farmer-owned co-op tractor rental business, headquartered in Salinas, CA, with branches in six other California cities, as well as Yuma, AZ.

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