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Sexual harassment and discrimination are not issues that should be taken lightly. It is imperative that all employees with supervisory functions know and understand the law. This course discusses the important elements of carefully and correctly handling sexual harassment issues and complaints. We will review the legal definitions of sexual harassment and employment discrimination; learn how to appropriately handle sexual harassment complaints, discuss the negative impact of abusive conduct in the workplace and management’s legal obligations when it comes to dealing with these issues. Using case studies and group discussions, this AB-1825 and AB-2053 compliant workshop explores the consequences of sexual harassment on the individual and the organization.

Who Should Attend?
California state law mandates that employees who perform supervisory functions in a company with 50 or more employees participate in sexual harassment training within six (6) months of taking the position and every two (2) years thereafter. Even if you don’t have 50 employees or do business in California, training is important. Every company needs supervisors who know the law.

Learning Objectives

  • Define harassment and discrimination
  • Explain the difference between illegal harassment and abusive conduct
  • List and define the two types of harassment that exist
  • State the importance of preventing and addressing harassment in the workplace
  • Understand your responsibilities as supervisors for handling complaints

If you have questions regarding the training please contact Adriana Robles. If you are having issues with registering for the course please contact Web Support.

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Event Time: 

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

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