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Are state and federal issues affecting your ability to run your business? Do you have questions about immigration reform, labor and workplace regulations, water supply or food safety issues? How about on GMOs, health care, or agtech issues? Do you know what state legislators, members of Congress and the administration officials are saying on the topics that concern you?

Randy Hause

As a member-driven organization, Western Growers is always looking to better understand the issues that affect your business so we can continue to improve our offering of products and services.  To that end, we have designed the following survey to assist in accomplishing that goal.

Cory Lunde

Central Valley members: We’re not saying you don’t have other things to do and your day isn’t busy.  And we’re not suggesting that you don’t care what’s happening with the issues that affect your business. But we are suggesting that maybe you just haven’t gotten around yet to registering for one of our Central Valley Issues Forums being held on Thursday, June 18th in Fresno, Los Banos and Bakersfield. 

Randy Hause



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