March 12, 2024

The Nexus of Soil Health and Agtech: Field Day at Braga Fresh

Join us for “The Nexus of Soil Health and Agtech” field day on Tuesday, March 12th at the Braga Barn in Soledad, California from 9am-3pm. Lunch will be provided.

Soil health and the soil microbiome is critically important to the future of sustainable agriculture. Agtech can support growers to make informed decisions when considering practices to improve soil health and support the soil microbiome. Understanding the tools and gaining access to high quality data to measure the impact of soil health practices and make better-informed, data-driven decisions can help to close the feedback loop between the soil and farming techniques.

Braga Fresh will demonstrate how they have been tracking their in-field carbon footprint and soil health by leveraging data to drive farm management decisions and improve the environmental impact of sustainable farming practices. A key piece of Braga’s sustainable agriculture and healthy soils journey has been utilizing technology such as Agrology’s systems to measure and monitor soil health and carbon flux. Agrology tools monitor soil moisture, irrigation events, and a variety of other climate data points to help Braga understand what is happening in the soil.

Additionally, this field day will include a live demonstration of Wilbur Ellis’ Autonomous Spray Drone technology, an overview of the passive spore trapping system “Sporenado”, and feature live demonstrations of advancements in automation and field equipment.

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