Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that two rules developed as a result of the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2011 have been finalized. The Preventive Controls for Human Food rule and the Preventive Controls for Animal Food rule require companies that process food for humans and animals to implement safety plans that identify, prevent or minimize food safety hazards. According to the FDA, ”some compliance dates for some businesses begin in September 2016.” 

Jeff Janas

The Labor Commissioner’s office recently issued an opinion letter regarding California’s new paid sick leave (PSL) law. The opinion letter addresses questions regarding how employers should provide PSL to employees who don’t work a traditional 8-hour/day schedule. The letter has special significance for agricultural employers and their employees who regularly work 10 or more hours in a day.

Jeff Janas

A recent workers’ comp case in Texas highlights the fact that employers can be held accountable for the action or inaction of their subcontractors. The case involves a temporary roof worker who requested the use of a safety harness. The subcontractor failed to provide the worker with the harness and he subsequently fell through the roof breaking several bones and suffering multiple contusions. OSHA fined the employer $362,500 for seven safety violations, including one willful and four willful egregious violations. The subcontractor was also fined for failing to conduct regular safety inspec

Jeff Janas



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