The California Department of Industrial Relations released a Frequently Asked Questions guidance document to address specific questions relating to SB 3, the new minimum wage law that takes effect on January 1, 2017.

The FAQs include information about what minimum wage rate applies to your workplace (as it relates to the number of employees), the schedule for the new state minimum wage increases and more. The FAQ guidance can be found here.

Stephanie Metzinger

Nine U.S. export shipments of onions to Taiwan have been tested and found to be non-compliant with Taiwan’s food safety standards. The violations include five for cadmium; two for Chlorpropham; and two for Dicloran.

Taiwan is requesting that the industry tighten up U.S. export controls to avoid future violations and sanctions. Taiwan has requested a formal response by January 30, 2017, explaining the cause of the violations, including a list of measures to improve compliance and prevention.

Jeff Janas

Western Growers has been advised of another maximum residue level (MRL) violation involving a shipment of celery to Japan. Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare discovered a shipment that produced a 0.02 ppm residue level of Bifenthrin which exceeds Japan’s default MRL of 0.01 ppm. These continued violations have not only caused the Ministry to more closely scrutinize every shipment of fresh celery exported from the United States, but has made Japan question whether Western Growers members are willing to adopt recommended guidelines that follow good agricultural practices.

Jeff Janas



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