December 2012 -- Annual Meeting Recap

Tim Linden

November 2012 Canadian Inspection Service Meets High Standards

Western Growers

August 2012 - Ag Legal Network

Tim Linden

March 2012- Global Warming

Tom Nassif

Learn about new transportation rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act that impact the fresh produce industry. Those rules dovetail with industry best practices recently released as well as the Western Growers-C.H. Robinson transportation program.

February 2012- Uncovering Natural Plant Defenses

Tom Nassif

In the specialty crop industry, we’ve got the home field advantage. While modern medicine saves lives, so do specialty crop farmers.

Didn’t know you were a hero, did you? It’s time we stopped simply defending ourselves against the extreme environmentalists who try to take away our water, our land and our way of farming. We’re on the winning team. Our fresh produce offers unparalleled nutrition. Let’s change the discussion from conservation to nutrition. It may be a message we’ve all heard before, but it’s a message that America now needs desperately.

January 2012- Meet Western Grower's 2012 Chairman Mike Jarrard

Tom Nassif

Mann Packing Executive Mike Jarrard takes the reins of Western Growers as the new 2012 chairman. Jarrard grew up on a farm in Bakersfield in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. His family grew cotton, alfalfa, wheat and barley.

November 2011- E-Verify

Tom Nassif

Mandatory E-Verify: Can Production Agriculture Survive this Movement?