October 6, 2016

91st Annual Meeting – It’s Not Too Late, but Almost

Aloha! We are exactly a month out from the 91st Annual Meeting in Kauai, Hawaii. Here are a few reminders and opportunities that are still available to participants.


Feel like you’re missing out on an opportunity to get your company name in front of Western Growers’ members? It’s not too late to participate! We’ve recently added some new Bronze and Supplier Sponsors! Take a look at our updated list then contact Randy Hause at (949) 885-2265 for more information on available sponsorships.

Award of Honor Ads and Tables

You can still reserve a table for 10 to receive preferred seating at the front of the room for the best view of our stage, entertainment and the Award of Honor recipients. Each table reservation includes two complimentary bottles of wine. Proceeds of table purchases will also go towards the WG Foundation. To purchase a table, please contact Ryan Zilker at (949) 885-2249.

Absentee Voting Ballots

Don’t forget that this year’s event is being held during the Presidential Election (Tuesday, November 8). That means that anyone who is planning to vote needs to request an absentee ballot if you are attending the Annual Meeting. Obtain info on absentee voting ballots in Arizona, California and Colorado.

Registration and Book Room

If after reading all of this you realized you still haven’t registered for the 91st Annual Meeting, here’s your chance! Register and book your room today before it’s too late!