October 30, 2018

Advances in Genomics Discussed during Educational Workshop

Sammy Duda, senior vice president of national operations at Duda Farm Fresh Foods, emceed the Genomics Workshop yesterday afternoon. During the workshop, leading experts in genomics discussed how advances in genomics could transform agriculture.

To kick off the event, Juan Enriquez, one of the world’s leading authorities on the uses and benefits of genomic research, shared a presentation on genomics and how advancements in the field will fundamentally change life in the future. Following Enriquez’s presentation, there was a panel discussion on the application of genomics to food production and how to ensure consumer acceptance of new technology. Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing for the California Avocado Commission, and Danny Royer, Vice President of Technology for Bowles Farming Company, joined Enriquez and Duda for the panel.

The genomics workshop was sponsored by Western Growers Insurance Services and Western Growers Financial Services.