May 10, 2023

Agriculture Workforce Coalition Releases Statement on the “Secure the Border Act”

The Agriculture Workforce Coalition released the following statement:

”The House has announced plans to move forward with H.R. 2, the “Secure the Border Act,” which includes mandatory electronic verification for all new hires, re-hires of seasonal workers, and if a Social Security Number is used with multiple employers. Farmers share the goal of a verified workforce, but agricultural labor reforms also must be enacted prior to any mandatory electronic verification system to avoid severe consequences for our nation’s food supply.

“The AWC cannot support such a measure without essential reforms being enacted, including stability for the current workforce, which as drafted this mandatory electronic verification system would decimate, as well as significant improvements to the H-2A guestworker program to secure program access for year-round producers and address the outdated wage formula. Reform has been consistently urged by farmers for decades. Without these vital solutions, this provision will harm many labor-dependent family farms across the U.S. and the consumers who rely upon them.

“We look forward to working with Congress on workable legislation that would provide solutions to the agricultural labor crisis while also achieving a verified workforce.”

About the Agriculture Workforce Coalition
The Agriculture Workforce Coalition (AWC) brings together organizations representing the diverse needs of agricultural employers across the country. AWC serves as the unified voice of agriculture in the effort to ensure that America’s farmers, ranchers and growers have access to a stable and secure workforce. For more information, please visit