June 4, 2015

Ag’s Effect on Jobs Demonstrated through the Power of Social Media

America’s farmers provide food for the world. Everyone knows that, though sometimes, the abundance and variety of food we have access to can easily be, and often is, taken for granted. The breadth and depth of the agriculture industry – everything from the jobs it creates, to the significant contributions the industry has on economies at the local, state and national levels — is also something that, at times, can be taken for granted. Reminding Americans about the bounty farmers produce can be a fruitless mission, especially since the industry has been the target of water consumption attacks related to the drought that has affected California and many western states.

However, two good ol’ farm boys out of Madera County, California, — Erik Wilson and Steve Malanca — had a vision to create a grassroots social media campaign through a Facebook page called My Job Depends on Ag to show how many people’s lives are related, connected and, most importantly, dependent on agriculture. Their goal is to illustrate “just how massive the fraternity of Ag really is.” Using pictures and stories from those people who joined their campaign, the two visionaries are adopted social media to show how society’s stake in agriculture.

Wilson and Malanca’s social media campaign has gained more than 17,000 followers in just over two weeks. And their message extends beyond Facebook. “My Job Depends on Ag” decals sell for $5 and go toward Ag scholarships and vocational studies. (More information can be found on the Facebook page). We encourage Western Growers members to participate in this surge of support for the agricultural industry and share how your job depends on Ag. So go ahead –share your story!

Social media is here and it is powerful. If you haven’t already explored it, we encourage you to take some time to learn how you can take advantage of it in your business.