November 22, 2016

Arizona Department of Ag Ready to Assist with Export Certificates

I​n preparation for the winter harvest in Yuma, the Arizona Department of Ag has authorized staff to work extended hours during the week to provide greater flexibility and timeliness for facilitating the industries’ export certification needs. The fee is $56 ($50 for the inspection and certification of each lot and $6 for the Federal administrative fee required by APHIS). ADA charges much less than the federal agency for export certificates and all of the revenues are reinvested directly into Plant Services.

Also, exporters can now get state phytosanitary certificates for domestic export through the state program. The fee is $50 for the first load and only $10 for each additional load that presents while staff is at the facility for inspection.​

For more information or if you have questions, contact ADA staff in Yuma and La Paz counties at 928-341-1680. In Maricopa County, shippers can call (602) 542-7184.