May 5, 2016

Attract the Best Employees: Take the WG Professional Compensation & HR Practices Survey – Deadline is May 16

Western Growers is offering members a secret weapon in helping attract and retain the best employees in California and Arizona’s produce industry. For the past six years, the Western Growers HR Practices and Compensation Survey has collected data to provide members with crucial information needed to keep compensation competitive. And your participation this year is vital to building a more robust database.

Every WG member who participates in the surveys will receive these valuable results at no cost (a nearly $2,000 value!). Your participation also qualifies you for a chance to win a 16GB iPad Air® 2.

Below is a preview of the type of results you will receive by participating in the survey. In 2015:

  • 93% of companies offered an annual bonus plan
  • There continued to be a strong correlation of pay to revenue size of organization
  • All size employers—from fewer than 50 employees to 500+ employees—absorbed about the same percent of the monthly premium for both HMO and PPO coverage for employee only. 

To participate in Western Growers’ 7th Annual Professional Compensation and HR Practices Survey, input your data on the Survey website by May 16.

How the Surveys Works

Each year, Western Growers collects data in two surveys: the Professional Compensation Survey and the HR Practices Survey.

Professional Compensation Survey: collects base pay and variable (bonus) salary data for professional positions in the specialty crop industry. We use an independent, certified compensation specialist to protect the confidentiality of your data – no one at Western Growers sees your company’s information.

HR Practices Survey: collects information for performance appraisals, merit increases/merit budgets, bonus/incentive programs, austerity programs, health plan offerings, paid time off and more.


For more information, contact Karen Timmins at (949) 885-2295.